New Government of Ontario Announcement on COVID-19


DATE:    April 9th, 2021

RE:         New Government of Ontario Announcement on COVID-19

New Stay-At-Home Order issued April 7, 2021 by the Ontario Government.  As with the previous Stay-At-Home Order, we are considered an essential service and therefore business will continue as usual.

At this point in time, the Company has no active Covid-19 cases.  As always, any potential cases have been dealt in conjunction with Public Health.  If for any reason you have any questions regarding safety or the return to work process regarding COVID-19, please see the Human Resources Department and if you are still not satisfied, feel free to contact WDG Public Health for further information.

We continue to stress that you take the time to follow the protocols, maintain social distancing and wear your PPE.

The Company would like to thank all our Employees in their efforts on following the policies and procedures, which has resulted in maintaining a safe working environment for everyone.

We strongly recommend the use of three layer masks, such as the ones that are supplied by the Company.  If you choose not to wear the Company supplied masks, then we urge you to ensure it is of triple layer standards. This may become compulsory in the near future.

We again highlight carpooling as an area of concern.  For those Team Members that need to carpool, you must wear your mask at all times while in the vehicle.  We recommend all employees to put on their masks prior to exiting their vehicles.

Continue to be diligent on observing proper social distancing and provide additional space during breaks (cigarette or other), when you are not able to be wearing a mask, you are more vulnerable to potentially be affecting others.

We are always committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for all our Team Members but require your help and support to be successful.


As always, if you are experiencing any type of COVID symptoms, DO NOT come into work and please contact us as listed below:

Main PH:              (519) 822-5401                   Email:                    [email protected]

After Hours and Hotline Numbers:

Dial: (519) 822-5402         Royal Road:          Ext. 1298              Massey Road:      Ext. 2298              Lewis Road:         Ext. 6298

Also visit the News section on our website at:

We continue to wish all our Employees and their Families the best of health during these times.



Management Team

Guelph Manufacturing Group


P: 519.822.5401
F: 519.822.0377


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