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Guelph Manufacturing Group has been known as a leading North American automotive seating manufacturer & supplier of welding, stamping, tube and wire forming for over 5 decades.  Guelph Manufacturing is a proud supplier to the P42QR Nissan Pathfinder/Infinity manufacturing more then 50 seat structure stampings and welded assembly parts.  Armrest Assembly Frames and Striker Wire assemblies are among the many parts manufactured at 2 of our 3 TS16949 Certified manufacturing facilities in Ontario, Canada.

The rear seat armrest assembly manufacturing process includes rod and tube bending & forming, resistance and MIG welding, progressive and transfer stamping.










Guelph Manufacturing Group is proud to produce the seat attach striker wires for the seat back assemblies for this high volume vehicle.

These automotive seat striker wires assemblies are manufactured for various automotive body and seat applications.  Using robotic CNC benders, dedicated automated benders and in press forming gives Guelph the ability to straighten and cut steel wire/rod up to 5/8” (16mm) diameter.







The 2nd row seat armrest frame assemblies and the striker wire assemblies are two of many product capabilities we offer to our customers for both seating and body in white applications.  Guelph is able to ship around the world.  The majority of our automotive products are supplied to automotive customers based in Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, New York, and Mexico.

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