Metal Extrusion is a metal forming manufacturing process in which a cylindrical billet inside a closed cavity is forced to flow through a die of a desired cross section. These fixed cross sectional profile extruded stamped parts are called “Extrudates” and pushed out using either a mechanical or hydraulic stamping press.

High quality extruded stamped parts are produced in two TS16949 certified plant stamping facilities in Guelph, Ontario.  Guelph Manufacturing Group’s stamped extrusion capabilities included:

  • In die tapping of extrusion
  • Complex tight tolerance extrusions
  • Management and oversight of extruded die design
  • With stamping press bed size ranging up to 240 inch and tonnage from 100 to 1600 ton, we are able to handle large die sizes requirements that are common to today’s automotive & industrial industry.

Capabilities: In Die Tapping & Stamped Extrusions

Guelph Manufacturing Group’s number one objective is customer satisfaction in both quality and delivery.  OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers utilize Guelph for value added stamping solutions including:

  • High strength steel stamping
  • Stamped extrusions
  • Hemmed edges to facilitate part handling & added strength
  • In die tapping
  • In die automated nut and bushing insertion.

We offer state of the art tool maintenance facilities to maintain all of your extruded stamping tools in optimised condition.  Guelph can provide a full range including prototype, low volume and high volume stamped extrusions.

Guelph Manufacturing Group has been in the stamping extrusion business for over 56 years gaining valuable experience working as a premier North American stamping supplier serving the following markets:

  • Automotive Stamping
  • Seat Structure Stamping
  • Heavy Truck Stamping
  • Agriculture Stamping

To learn more about Guelph’s extruded stamping capabilities, please contact our sales office for your next stamping project.



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