Grand Cherokee L – WL75, WS, WL

Guelph Manufacturing Group is supplying 1st row manual and power head rest tubes as well as center and outer head rest tube/rods and wire seat frame base for the Grand Cherokee L.  With Jeep expanding the 2021 Grand Cherokee lineup with a new model called the Grand Cherokee L, we are proud to be a key supplier.

For over 56 years, Guelph Manufacturing Group has been serving the headrest needs of automotive supply base including major Tier 1 seating suppliers and Tier 2 foaming suppliers.  Guelph Manufacturing specializes and is an industry leading manufacturer of Headrest Armatures Restraints.  The tube bending processes include Dedicated Bending, CNC Tube Bending, Notching via Broaching or Stamped/Rolled Notches, Pressed-In Notch. Guelph Manufacturing has 3 headrest Line Options including Manual (Low volume), Universal Line (medium volume), and Dedicated Cell (high volume).  Guelph’s tube bending technology provides customers with quality and consistency while producing Automotive Head Rest Pillars made from either Rod or Thin Wall Tube.

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As well as being a supplier for this important Jeep Stellantis program, Guelph Manufacturing Group is producing Head Restraints for all major automotive OEMs including, Ford, GM, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes, Kia, Fiat, Honda, Nissan and Hyundai and others as well.  Currently producing over 25% of the North American headrest pillar volume.  The Headrest center of excellence is located at our Massey Road facility in Guelph, Ontario Canada.  The manufacturing capabilities for Head Restraints include In-House Tool and Cell design and manufacturing.  This auto head restraint manufacturing facility is 80,000 Sq. Ft. and can handle all automotive customer’s tube & rod bending needs with an experienced and dedicated team of engineers and tube manufacturing staff.

In addition to the head restraints, our wire seat frame seat cushion base consist of both CNC bent wire as well as stampings which are assembled robotically with resistance welding.  We utilize the following wire bending technologies, CNC wire bending, progressive and transfer stampings and MIG and resistance welding.  Your wire seat frame assemblies are delivered with quality and accuracy.  At Guelph Manufacturing, whether it’s low or high volume wire bending project, we can meet your needs.


Guelph Manufacturing Group located in Guelph, Ontario Canada is proud of our Made in Canada heritage.  From complex metal forming to wire and tube bending, Guelph Manufacturing is your source for all metal assembly projects.  Our projects range from automotive seat structures including seat backs, seat cushion frames, armrest frames, seat risers, ISO fix assemblies, head restraints, and seat border wires.


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