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Guelph Manufacturing Group specializes in wire seat frame cushion assemblies that top automotive seat foaming suppliers depend on.  With Guelph’s seat assembly expertise, your wire seat frame assemblies can be taken to the next level in terms of function, quality, and delivery performace.

seat wire frame assembly

Complex wire auto seat frame assemblies at Guelph Manufacturing are manufactured to exceed our customers expectations.  Second row wire seat frame cushion assemblies consist of both CNC bent wire as well as stampings position retainer hooks, which are robotic resistance welded together.  We utilize the following advanced forming technologies, CNC wire bending, progressive and transfer presses.   Along with our wire forming and bending capability we can assemble your wire projects utilizing robotic resistance welding.  Our wire products range from full seat wire frame cushion assemblies to complex rear seat armrest assemblies.  Please contact the Guelph sales team for your next wire forming project and go beyond expectation!


Wire Seat Frame Assemblies include:

  • Precision CNC wire formed seat cushions
  • Welded seat bolster assemblies – With both Resistance & MIG
  • Integrated metal stamping brackets
  • Automated assembly of high volume seat cushions
  • Flexible robotic weld cells of rear wire seat cushions
  • Fast launch & production support for seat border & seat holster assemblies

seat wire frame assembly

Wire Seat Frame Applications:

  • 2nd row SUV Truck and CUV wire seat cushion assemblies
  • 3rd row SUV and VAN welded wire seat assemblies
  • 2nd row truck seat assemblies
  • 2nd row sedan cushion assemblies

seat wire frame assembly


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