In the past, Guelph Tool Inc. had tried many different companies with expanded ideas on vending services, but all seemed to lead to disappointment: poor quality, limited healthy options, poorly serviced equipment and often understocked products. When Loyalty Markets approached Guelph Tool with their “Automated Cafeteria” concept, GTI felt this was a perfect opportunity for a refreshing change.


Richard Zinck (Loyalty Markets local owner operator) assured Guelph Tool his company’s commitment to this new business plan was going to be nothing less than a success. Loyalty Markets put themselves on the line by investing in the capital to bring in the state of the art vending equipment and brand new cabinetry. To support this initiative, Guelph Tool contributed to the efforts of success by renovating some of the dated lunchrooms.

In the short time the newly renovated cafeterias were up and running, it had caused such an immediate positive impact for the employees, that this venture had caught the attention of the media!  On Tuesday, August 4, 2015, Loyalty Markets and Guelph Tool Inc. were profiled in the National Post Newspaper for its out of the box innovative approach to employee lunchrooms.

The newly automated cafeterias have been operational for approximately 9 months now and Loyalty Markets is reporting great success in the amount of use they have been getting. Sales are positive for them. However, Richard Zinck says he would like to see the number of users grow. He encourages the employees to utilize the option on the kiosk to voice their requests or dislikes. This will better assist Loyalty Markets to improve and provide service the people will enjoy.

Loyalty Markets would like to apologize as their web site is still under construction and thanks you for your understanding. Web site launch is targeted to be operational by March 2016.

Items to look forward in the upcoming months:
More Food Tasting, Special Hot Food Lunches on posted dates and more!

Brad Ireland, VP Corporate Development, showing a section of the newly renovated Royal Rd. employee lunchroom.


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