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Striker Wires For Automotive Applications

For more than 5 decades, Guelph Manufacturing  has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of striker wire assemblies.  These automotive striker wires were manufactured for hood latches, reinforcement plates, hinge reinforcement assemblies as well as seat back latch assemblies and have been used in various automotive body and seating applications.



As a result of adding the seat striker wire to our product portfolio, we can provide more manufacturing options and striker assembly solutions for our customers applications.  Guelph is currently processing striker wires for the seat back assemblies for several high volume vehicles.  Guelph can straighten and cut steel wire/rod up to 5/8” (16 mm) diameter and form it to suit your needs with robotic CNC or a dedicated automated bending and in press forming.

striker wire seat latch

Seat Latch Striker Wire Assembly

The Striker wire assemblies are one of many product capabilities we offer to our customers for both seating and body in white applications.   Contact Guelph Manufacturing today to discuss your next striker wire assembly project.

striker wire hood latch striker wire assembly


Guelph Manufacturing is an Ontario Canada based supplier, serving both automotive and industrial manufacturing customers, with OEM, Tier 1 and 2 suppliers.  Our products our shipped around the world with the majority of our products being supplied to automotive suppliers based in Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.



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