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Corporate Rebranding – Sales Perspective



Guelph Tool recently celebrated the Company’s 50th anniversary, which is quite an accomplishment when you consider statistics that say the average business life span is only approximately 3 to 4 years.

During the recent gala event, the corporate rebranding was formally unveiled by Rob Ireland, President, and met with enthusiasm and excitement by the Guelph team in attendance. This rebranding from Guelph Tool Inc. to Guelph Manufacturing Group Inc. is timely and appropriate for our Company at this stage in our history.

From a sales perspective, the name change more accurately reflects the core business of our Company today – to “manufacture” high quality metal components and assemblies for the automotive and other industries.

The rebranding is not simply the name change, it also includes the corporate logo, our business stationery, business cards, as well as the corporate overview presentation and most importantly the Company website.

As the business world continues to drive more and more business transactions electronically and over the internet, describing ourselves accurately online will facilitate greater success in securing new prospects and customers and reinforcing our role with current customers.

The new corporate website is in the finishing touches of -development and will be launched on a state of the art content management system called WordPress which is also mobile friendly, so it will automatically resize to be more easily viewed on a tablet or smart phone. Additionally, -WordPress will allow the new website to be easy to update and maintain, with in-house resources providing current and relevant information.

All of these changes provide a fresh modern look and feel to these customer touch points that we utilize to introduce, and reintroduce ourselves to prospects and relatively younger customers. After all, being part of a 50 year old Company is
great, however, we don’t necessarily need to look our age.

 … being part of a 50 year old Company is great, however, we don’t necessarily
need to look our age.


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