Guelph Manufacturing Group is a proud supplier to the 2022 Ford Ranger Pickup Truck supplying seat cushion perimeter wire welded assemblies and other components.


Guelph is a skilled wire assembly manufacturer and is committed to meet and exceed customers’ automated wire bending & forming expectation and requirements by achieving continuous tube, rod, and wire manufacturing excellence.  At Guelph our entire manufacturing team is a proud supplier of seat cushion perimeter wire welded assemblies and other seat components for the 2022 Ford Ranger Pickup Truck.  The Ranger wire rear seat assembly manufacturing process features, CNC wire bending, MIG welded wires, and rubber dip assembly hooks.

The very first Ford Ranger pickup truck was introduced in 1983.  In 2011, Ford decided to no longer offer the Ranger for sale in the United States.  The Ford Ranger pickup truck made a comeback in 2019 and is now in its’ fourth generation.  This new truck is smarter, stronger, and more rugged than before.

For almost 6 decades, Guelph Manufacturing Group, located in Ontario Canada, has been bending and forming wires and has acquired valuable experience over these years working with automotive seating customers offering complete flexibility in programming and design.

Our tube and wire bending process include CNC wire and tube bending which provide flexible lower cost tooling options.  In die rod and tube bending along with transfer die tube bending.  For high volume applications, we recommend purpose built dedicated benders as well as our automated tube and rod bender manufacturing cells.

Guelph Manufacturing Group has tube, rod, and wire bending capabilities and can offer numerous processing solutions including tube flattening, as well as, hole piercing, punching, 3D laser bar coding and bushing insertion.  Tube end treatments include tube swaging and chamfering.  Tube notch broaching and stamped formed notch, seam finding, part etching, and marking.  We work with our supply partners for chrome and or zinc plating, as well as e-coat and a-coat finishes.  Along with our wire forming and bending capability we can assemble your wire projects utilizing robotic resistance welding.  Our wire products include seat wire frame cushion assemblies, seat border wires, seat bolster assemblies, and rear seat armrest assemblies.

Guelph has three automotive parts manufacturing plants in Ontario Canada with process options allowing for low volume to 250K volume and above.  Guelph is providing bending services to customers across Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. and as far away as Russia and Brazil.  We serve customers in Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Indiana just to name a few.

Along with our three plants in Ontario Canada, we have distribution centers located in Texas, Georgia, and Michigan and our sales and marketing team is located in Warren, Michigan.  Guelph Manufacturing Group, in Ontario Canada, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of metal stampings, assemblies, head restraints and armrest inserts, formed wire and other components.

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