60% Seat Back Frame Assembly – AUTOMOTIVE

The welded automotive seat back frame assembly is one of many seat structure products produced out of our 3 manufacturing plants in Ontario, Canada.  Guelph’s welding & assembly capabilities are enhanced by bending, stamping, and welding skills.  We can offer a complete range of seat back & seat cushion solutions, including wire cushion frames, seat border wires, and 60 & 40 percent 2nd row seat back assemblies.

Along with our broad range of stamping capabilities, we can provide complex wire bending via CNC benders, tube bending from both CNC and die solutions.  Guelph Manufacturing Group’s value added assembly solutions are included in all of our automotive seat structure assemblies.  From our in-house produced head restraint guide tubes to high strength square tube bending, Guelph can manufacture it all.


Guelph can take your seat project to the next level with precision robotic welding services that include MIG welding, spot welding, and resistance welding.

The metal seat back frames, both 40% and 60% for the Jeep Cherokee, is just one automotive seat back examples that has all the value added manufacturing services supplied by our company.  Guelph Manufacturing Group is a leading North American Automotive Seating Metal Structure Supplier and Manufacturer.  With over 57 years of experience and customer focused quality and delivery, we can do it all.  For more information about the manufacturing services offered, please contact our sales team at: https://guelphmanufacturing.com/contact-us/



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